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Dr. Burkhardt has retired. See our home page for more information.


We do not charge for consultation. Patients often seek several opinions before deciding what they want and who they want to do it. We don't believe that you should have to pay for this selection process.

Dr. Burkhardt has over forty years of surgical experience and limits his practice to cosmetic surgery. These services are almost never covered by insurance, and must be paid in advance. We do accept certain major credit cards. Copies of our current fee schedule are available at any time and you are always welcome to contact us directly.


Apples vs. Oranges: Comparing Surgical Costs

We know that plastic surgery is expensive, and we work hard to keep our costs competitive.

If you compare costs, be sure you compare apples with apples. For simplicity, our fees include many services that would cost extra (or even be unavailable) elsewhere.

For instance, our facelift fees have been "bundled" to include the surgeon's fee, operating room costs, general anesthesia (complete sleep), postoperative residential accommodation at La Casa Escondida, and all of your follow up. Our other major cosmetic procedures (such as breast enlargement) also include general anesthesia.

We differ from some other practices in that we strongly encourage general anesthesia for major procedures like face lifts and breast implants. After extensive experience doing these operations we believe that general anesthesia (complete sleep), with a dedicated anesthesia doctor whose only job it is to take care of you during surgery is much more safe and infinitely more comfortable than local anesthesia and sedation. Because we think this is better care, we include these costs in our fees.

To see some sample prices for common procedures as well as a more detailed fee schedule, just click here.



Occasionally secondary "touch-up" surgery is needed to achieve the best possible surgical result. If we perform secondary surgery within one year we don't charge a professional fee, but you will be asked to pay any operating room and anesthesia expenses.

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