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Before and After Rhinoplasty

Although the most common nasal surgery combination is lowering the bump and narrowing the bony part of the nose, along with elevating the nasal tip, there are so many other options available that it is hard to discuss them without reference to a specific problem.

Patients often express fears that they will get a cute, turned up "movie starlet" nose, In reality there is no such thing as a "standard nose job," and the best results look natural.

The greatest improvement in nasal surgery in the last few years has come from taking cartilage from one place (sometimes the ear) and grafting it onto the tip of the nose, In addition, the newer "open" techniques allow the surgeon much better control over the final result, especially in noses that have been operated on previously.

We recommend general anesthesia for this operation and include it in the cost of the procedure. Afterwards the eyes may be bruised for a few days. Depending on the exact type of surgery, the nose may have a small cast on it for about a week.

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