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Dr. Burkhardt has retired. See our home page for more information.

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Our Laser FacilityOur laser is the Ultrapulse® laser that was developed specifically for removing facial wrinkles and tightening facial skin. Our practice was the first in Tucson to purchase this laser, and we are enthusiastic about the quality of the results. In many instances, the Ultrapulse laser offers benefits comparable to surgery, with less risk and less expense.
Laser resurfacing works by actually "shrinking" the collagen fibers deep in the skin. In order to shrink the deeper layers, the superficial layers must first be removed by the laser light. We recommend general anesthesia, or complete sleep, because the procedure can be uncomfortable when large areas are treated. After surgery the skin is covered with a "mask" to promote healing and reduce pain. The mask remains on the face for about one week.

Results vary from patient to patient but are generally good and can be spectacular. Complete healing from the laser resurfacing is ongoing. The tender new skin is tight, shiny and pink. At ten to fourteen days, you can wear makeup. The pink gradually fades over the next few weeks to months, although each patient's rate of fading may differ.

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